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About Us

KR Inc was founded in 2003 by committed and visionary Practitioners. We are a dynamic firm committed to delivering innovative and impressive legal and advisory services to all our clients.

KR Inc is positioned to become a formidable force in the South African legal and advisory services landscape. Our core strengths are obtained from our hands on experience in diverse sectors. The founding partners are committed to growing a firm that practices good ethics and endorses excellent corporate governance. Our team comprises highly regarded role models with proven expertise in both private and public sectors.

Our competitive edge lies in the fact that we go beyond just providing our clients with excellent services and advice. We believe that our focused and professional approach enables us to help businesses and the people who run them.

We have a track record of complex projects with measurable successes and demonstrate able results.


Core Services

  • Litigation

    KR Inc is reputable for an excellent result delivery for all our clients. We are known in undertaking the most significant… (read more)

  • Medico Legal

    A team of experienced Attorneys specializes in the investigations towards fixing the responsibility regarding the…(read more)

  • Conveyancing

    KR Inc experience and expertise in the legal profession has ensured an extended loyalty and support…(read more)

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