Investigations and Forensic

KR Inc understands the keys to successful management of an investigation including understanding of the issues likely to emerge and the best way to resolve them, optimally capping the impact on any business.

Whatever the type of investigation, we pick up the often overlapping risks and legal issues before they come to surface, allowing our client to timeously undertake control and begin to work on their response.

Our team’s experience spans a range of industry sectors, allowing us to exceed the common place boundaries and assess each client’s risk areas for each client’s business needs.


Project Management

KR Inc Advisory team will help define the goals and objectives of the project, determine when the various project components are to be completed and by whom, and create quality control checks to ensure that completed components meet a certain standard.


Contract Management

At KR Inc we believe that no contract management process should own the business, but the business should own all its contractual processes.

KR Inc thrives in advising and guiding the client in the recommended  methods of ensuring the client possesses complete visibility and controls over any given contract or agreement from its inception to its renewal.

None of our clients face difficulty when it comes to locating amendments and tracing lifecycle stages of all contractual documents.